Dough Boy Monument
General Information

Located at the Oxford Cemetery
Created by bronze sculptor Robert Danfield of Cambridge NE in 1934. It consists of a bronze dough boy, in full unifonn, standing at attention and holding an army riffle. This figure is six feet, two inches tall and is mounted on eight foot concrete pedestal. The detail is so accurate that you can see the wrinkles in his coat sleeves, the wrapping of his leggings, details of the shoe laces and the slightest tilt of the helmet. This monument is dedicated to no one war group, age group, either then or in the future but to all those who in some way or other helped to defend our nation, not just war but also in peace. Due to the effects of time and weather, a fund raising project was held in 2003 to rebuild the statne. He once again is stands as tribute “TO OUR NATIONS DEFENDERS”.


Oxford, NE
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