Oxford Baseball/Softball Field
General Information

Our unique stadium seating was built in the 1930’s with money from the WPA (work progress administration) during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. This was a time in our nation’s history that put Americans back to work after the depression. Most of the dirt was hauled in by horse and wagon. The cement for the stairs was mixed by hand and carried by wheelbarrows and buckets.

Somewhere around 1910 or 1912 the original professional baseball team of the Village was known as the “Oxford Indians”. They traveled all over the U.S. with several of the players going to the Major League from the local team. In 1935-36, the team reached a semi-pro status when they won 22 straight games and were finally defeated by the Kansas City Monarchs. Publicity brought in scouts from the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Monarchs. More information about this time can be found in a hook wrote about the Villages beginning in Four Score and Seven Years found in the public library,

Under the direction of a new baseball/softball board many improvements are in store for the field. In 2014, an underground sprinkler system and new grass bas been installed. We have a great history with our ball program and look forward to the future, all supported with volunteer help.

114 West Clark
Oxford, NE
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